Communications  Team - (check church calendar)

Event Planning Toolkit (XLS)

Event Planning Toolkit PowerPoint Presentation to Council (PDF)

Social Media Policy (PDF)

The Communications Team is a multidisciplinary group that addresses both external and internal aspects of information flow and distribution at
NUMC.  Ongoing activities include the design, development, and maintenance of the NUMC website and Facebook pages; publication of the
print newsletter; photography and videography support, news releases, and distribution of CDs of the Sunday service to our shut-in members and friends.   The team also developed* and maintains an Event Planning Guide to assist the congregation and staff to utilize NUMC expertise to plan and communicate church activities.  Currently the team is in the midst of supporting a Green Initiative to move from paper to digital and online services.  We meet once a month and welcome people with ideas and energy to advance and refine NUMCs communications needs.

Chair – Kyle Kimmons

Staff – Donna Hitchner

Newletter Editor – Lys Murray

Photography/Videography Coordination - Linda Russell

Photography/Videography - Vic Wiebe, Linda Russell,  Dan Seador, Dick Haberkost

Computer/Network – Terry Stoneman

Website – Donna Hitchner, Lisa Santare, Mark Deshon

E-news - Donna Hitchner, Mark Deshon

Audio recording of services/events - Matt Stauffer, Bill Clark, Shawn Kline, Jeff Walter

Audio recording transfer - Allen Prettyman, Duncan Prettyman

Class of 2013

Class of 2014

Class of 2015

Bill Clark

Lisa Santare

Kyle Kimmons

Mark Deshon

*The Team thanks Barbara Chamberlain for developing our Event Planning Toolkit.